These fragments of our every day life are fun, interesting, humorous, witty, clever, memorable moments we share! ~~ Remembering and capturing them in a journal, these little keepsakes are great reading on a rainy or sunny day! ~~ ENJOY!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I received a text today from my daughter, Deb.  It read:

"I forgot to tell you, Girlie and Nick got all ready to paint last night. While I was laying on the couch (sick as a dog), they both walked in with their paint smocks on that you made for them. I wanted to cry.

They were soooooo sweet.  It crushed me that I couldn't paint with them. So, Nick and Girlie took their garbage BAG smocks off and Nick neatly rolled them back up and put them on my desk.
So, so sweet. "

 Girlie working on her journal 12/2009

Nick working on his journal 12/2009

The kiddies are waiting for Nana to arrive on May 11th so we can paint and make another new journal.
I'm excited and can't wait to spend time with them.  Details later.....


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